Sound Healers Training Level I, Module VI: Creating Sacred Space

The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing
and Shamanic Studies

With Zacciah Blackburn, Ph.D.
Level I, Module VI:

February 10th - 12th, 2012

LEVEL I , 1st Year Training programs are offered in 8 weekend trainings, offered one weekend/month for 8 months beginning Sept. of each year. We recommend participation in all trainings for the best and most complete understanding of the nature, use and application of sound therapies.  However, you may participate in any or all of the programs in the Level I programs (except Applications, which has prerequisites.)

How do we use sacred space in our personal & professional lives?  Whom & what do we call upon to create sacred space, and why?  Does the holistic practitioner & workshop facilitator have an inextricable responsibility to insure sacred space is utilized and maintained when opening clients to sacred mystery, or to greater personal awareness?  We will explore these and other questions, discuss professional ethics and care, and learn to couple intention with a variety of vibrational techniques for creating sacred space in our personal and professional place.   Some programs offer work with creating outdoor ceremonial space. 

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