SHN News, April 2011

April 2011


Jeff Strong joins our professional lineup of presenters at our 2011 Conference!

Jeff Strong, Rhythmic Entrainment Institute

   AT Conference 2011

  Jeff Strong is the creator of Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention™ (REI) and the Director of the Strong Institute - a music medicine research center focusing on the effects of musical rhythm on the central nervous system. A recognized pioneer in the use of auditory stimulation for individuals with neurobiological disorders, including those with AD/HD, autism, and sleep disorders, Jeff’s REI therapy is used by tens of thousands of people around the world through an extensive Authorized REI Provider network. He is a best-selling author of eight books including AD/HD For Dummies (Wiley, 2004) and has created dozens of recordings utilizing REI technology, including the Brain Shift Collection 8-CD set (Sounds True, 2009). Jeff is also a founding board member and Treasurer of the Sound and Music Alliance (SAMA).

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Join with these masters of Sound, Voice, Instruments, and MUSIC!!



Cymatics1.pngJuly 1-3, 2011  ~THE POWER OF SOUND~!

Jeff Strong, Silvia Nakkach, Lisa Rafel, Zacciah Blackburn, PhD

 Concert with Ruth Cunningham, Nacho Arimany and Friends 

  Info here:  

  • Join us in this exquite environment to learn, share, commune, network, build professional skills, and be transformed by the Power of Intentional Sound & Music! 
  • The Oldest (and apparently only) continual Annual Sound Healing Conference on the Planet

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  From a participant in last year's conference;

I have just returned from the Omega Center where I was honored to attend the Sound and Healing Symposium. I was blown away by the level of commitment of those who attended and those who did the offering. Hats off to Zacciah Blackburn, John Beaulieu, Mitchell Gaynor and the others for their contribution to this field of study and healing. Not only was there a remarkable amount of information and participation but also the level of commitment on the part of the attendees. They actively seeked other healers to network with and connect to.  ....please continue... to connect and participate in a workshop/symposium of this quality..... Thanks you and be Blessed with the know!


Current Events:

Jeff Strong, Rhythmic Entrainment Institute

JEFF is a master musician and educator.  His quality presence and skillful expertise in rhythmical entrainment will captivate you, and bring you to a place of understanding both the art and science of rhythmical intervention in the healing process.  -- editor  --

Jeff presents:

 The Art and Science of Healing with Rhythm

Experience the power of rhythm. Jeff Strong will guide you on a journey into ancient rhythmic healing practices from around the world and demonstrate how these practices are being used today for a variety of conditions. You will explore the three universal traditional rhythm practices and feel the power of these techniques for yourself:

 •Experience how the shamanic rhythm can aid not only mediation but also problem-solving and creativity
 •Feel the stress-reducing and synchronizing power of the rhythm circle
 •Explore the deeply transforming effects of rhythm-healing.

By explaining the science behind these practices, Jeff will demystify the core mechanisms involved in their power and show you how you can employ therapeutic rhythm to improve your life.

   Join With us July 1-3, at Omega


Here are Member Programs we would like to highlight this month


Thursday June 2nd, Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th, Sunday 5th. 2011
Led by internationally acclaimed teachers, and leaders in the field of Sacred Sound; John Beaulieu, Zacciah Blackburn, Peter Blum, Rich Goodhart, Philippe Garnier, with guest Nigol Koulajian and Grandmother Barbara Threecrow.

Learn the foundamental and the practical use of Sound Healing to benefit your clients as well as adding a profound connection to the universal energy source, learn the use of Tuning Forks, Crystal Singing bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, voice, drums and experience Sacred Sound Ceremony...

Join us in a profound and memorable journey through Sound Frequencies and learn how to Add Sound Healing to your practice or to make Sound Healing your primary modality thus way of life, in this transformative 4 day Sound Retreat intensive. 

  • BODY of SOUND  with  Ziji Beth Goren

    BODY of SOUND: Choice structures and intriguing prompts inspire new life in voice-movement improvisation.
    We map our soundbody, bring stories to life, feed heart and soul in a supportive circle.
    Northampton, MA:  Mondays, 6-8pm April 18 - June 14, 2011
    New York City: Mon-Fri, 1-3pm, July 18-22
    Amherst, MA: Mon-Fri, 10-5, August 1-5  30 hours towards 150 hour Certificate Training in Soundbody Systems. , This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it , (413)253-0515

  • The Vocally Engaged, Fully Expressive You: Come As You Are

    Saturday, April 9, 2011 – 9:30 AM – 4 PM
    Location:  NY Expressive Arts Center, Central Ave., Albany, NY (just above Lark Street)
    A blended workshop of skills and sensitive expression
    •Develop confidence and a sense of community
    •Learn about breath awareness practices
    •Focus on posture and gesture
    •Express your body through movement & sound
    •Refine tonal quality
    •Explore creatively through sound and music
    The all day format will allow for entry into a supportive container for expressive vocalizing and movement, improvisational small groups, cross-cultural chant and melodic song sharing, and some instrumental “no wrong note” play.  A resource handout will be provided and participants are welcome to contribute their resources as well.  
    Facilitator:  Dawn Collins, M.A., CMP, 2006 graduate of NYEA School and European Graduate School, Switzerland, private studio at 87 Sunset Dr., Stuyvesant, NY,  
    Phone (518) 424-2342 for directions and registration info.


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- Regional Announcements - 

  • Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies - Upcoming Programs in Sound Healing, Earth Energy & Healing, the Awakening of Consciousness.  Ongoing and Upcoming Trainings, Workshops, and Therapies, in VT, Europe, Canada, CA, NC, TX, NY, FL, Peru, Egypt, and elsewhere 

  • School of Sound Healing UPCOMING CLASSES:   

  • Sound, Healing, and Consciousness,

  •  An in depth 5 day practice regarding the nature of sound, healing, and their relationship to human consciousness, at Sivananda Ashram, Nassau, Bahamas, March 26-30, 2011, details Here 

  • Details on all programs at

  •  & on sound programs here

  • ENTIRE SCHOOL OF SOUND HEALING PRACTICES Begin Sept, 2011, LEVEL II continues thru June 2011. Comprehensive exploration and study of sound therapy; how to create a practice with the foundation of understanding established in Level I training.  
  • 2012: THE GREAT AWAKENING, programs offered worldwide to enhance this great transformation in Human Consciousness.
    Next Weekend, Brattleboro VT, the THREE HEARTS : Elders Wisdom

  • Upcoming:  The Three Hearts Practice and DIAMOND LIGHT practices:  Authentic Elders Wisdom & teachings, specifically offered, to bring us through these times of great transformation; practices in VT, MA, Europe, CAN Click Here for More Info.

  • TEMPLES OF THE EARTH: Gateways to Ascension; The Earth Mysteries 

  • Sacred Tours to enter living relations with the Elements of Earth and Sky

  • and come into Our Elevated Being, in Harmony with All Life
    • PERU 11.11.11:  Nov 14-28
    • New England July 17-23:  Temples of the Earth
    • France, May 14-28:  the Heart of Magdalene

  • If you were unable to join

    Zacciah in his special presentation of

    The Art of Sacred Sound , at Omega Institute Sept 6-10, 2010.Sacred Ceremonial Drumming, Sacred Sound

    He is offering a full unedited recording of 4 days of teaching and practices in a

    15 CD SET, for $125. plus $10 S/H  THE ART OF SACRED SOUND --  ONLY TWO CD SETS LEFT!!

    ($25 S/H for international orders)

    Contact him:  The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies

    Ascutney VT 05030 USA,  802.674.9585  This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it



Please join us for this uplifting and joy-filled
community experience of the healing power of SOUND.
at the Richmond, VT, Library
201 Bridge Street in downtown Richmond, VT 05477
Drumming, toning and chanting, and a wide variety of
instruments from Tibetan bells to crystal bowls will enliven your energy.
Bring your own instruments or share ours.
Contact Dorothy Stone 802.324-5574 This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it or Raphael Groten 802.999-9069 This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
Please RSVP if you plan to attend

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