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By Kevin Michael

Sound can be generated in many pleasant ways, but what makes it 'Sacred'?

Sacred Sound - A Definition

By Kevin Michael

In my favorite method, the tones of Sacred Sound are generated by means of a quartz crystal bowl and my multi tonal voice. Sound can be generated in many pleasant ways, but what makes it 'Sacred'? Sacred Sound consists of three main components. First, the natural power of sound. The subtle vibrational nature of sound reaches us in multiple ways: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Second, the practitioner's intent for ‘the well being of others'. Using sound to invoke this Sacred State of Unconditional Love, a Sacred Sound practitioner offers themselves in service so that healing vibrations may be generated. Third, the participants focus of attention. For example, if the recipient holds their awareness in their heart chakra, the energies of Sacred Sound are recieved there, opening and purifying the heart center. The role of the practitioner of Sacred Sound is that of an instrument, making their spirit, mind and body available to be played by the ‘Master' or higher aspects of consciousness. In this way, the sound that is produced is a sacred vibration that offers unique transformational power to each participant. The result of an experience with Sacred Sound is an energetic shift for the area where the focus has been held. Any place where you can focus your attention can be addressed with Sacred Sound : life issues, emotional/physical healing, spiritual change. Profound changes can result from this work. It's your journey! The depth of the result is consistent with your commitment to your own inner transformation.

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