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Here is an audio recording of our June 12, 2007 S H N & All One Now Network Joint Interactive Teleconference & Live Webcast - with Iasos & "The Realms of Celestial Music.  Click the start arrow on the player to have a listen...


Iasos (pronounced ya' sos) is a Music Creator, specializing in celestial, heavenly, inter-dimensional music. Iasos

  • Iasos is one of the original founders of  "New Age"  music.

  • His work spans 3 decades of conscious creation of Healing Music.

  • He spoke with us about the Nature and Use of sound as a Healing Vehicle, and shared many insights from his long and illustrious career as a performing healing artist.

The audio recording you are listening to was a live recording of an enriching interactive evening with Iasos a pioneer in our field.

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