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Here are excerpts from the many letters & e-mails we have received from our members and friends of Sarah Benson, our beloved colleague, whom passed Monday evening, April 2, 2007.

Thank you for your many warm mails regarding Sarah's passing.

Sarah's family has asked for any donations to be sent to the charity of your choice.
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Click here to read our memorial notice of her passing.

In Service,
Zacciah Blackburn - for the Sound Healing Network

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Many blessings to all.

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From Rich Goodhart, a dedicated musician and dear friend whom accompanied Sarah on many of her musical expeditions:

The following is excerpted from my own email announcement, and includes a poem I wrote two weeks ago, inspired by and dedicated to Sarah, that I'd like to have posted on the memorial:

"Sarah was, to me, a dear and close friend of more than ten years, a spiritual mother, sound healing mentor, performance collaborator and trusted Soul Realm Ally. There is so much that I am and will be forever grateful to her for.

Most recently we were twice able to again create our Sounding Celebration Events, one in October and then again in November last fall. Our usually compatriot and Sound Ally Jim Ballard was with us on both events and Molly Scott joined us in November. Of all the many times we worked together in this way, these two occurances were by far the most potent, with the October one truly being in a "category" of it's own. At this October experience all three of us felt as though we had opened up a portal to and entered more deeply into the Spirit realm than ever before. Clearly she was already out front navigating the deeper Soul waters."

I wrote this poem two weeks before her passing, inspired by and dedicated to her:


Om Ah Hum...
Om Ah Hum.....
Om Ah Hum.......
Om Ah Hum.........

Take this sound to the center
It's a silver flowing road
A clearing path perception
In alliance with your soul

Take this sound to the center
To the well-spring river heart
Running downstream either way you face
In moon seed earth and star

Take this sound to the center
Of the all pervading force
It will hold you in a sound embrace
And return you to the Source

Take this sound to the center
To the place inside of time
Where stillness whispers in the wind
All is one and you are mine

Take this sound to the center
Of the one unfolding dream
Where clearing path perception
Seeds a deeper running stream

Take this sound to the center
It has never guided wrong
We traveled toward the sun, my friend
And Sound brought us along

(Om... Ah..... Hum.......)


From Vicki Dodd - Colleague, lifelong friend, and respected sound healer:

For my Dear One, Sarah,

I sang with her last night, i didn't know why, but, the song and sounds poured forth out here on the west coast.....clearing and lovingly she moved through me.Sarah has been a sister of sound and light and love for the twenty plus years i have known her. I knew that she was moving on from our mutual friend Jonathan. I see her so clearly, those shining eyes, and we could see eye to eye! That wondrous hair that always made me think i was looking into a magical maze of a mandalla. I love you, Sarah. Many moments come to mind now of those first sound symposiums....much listening to our canter and wanderings, always comfortable with our outrageous antics, especially those early years with Molly and Elede we were all quite more adventuresome and radical and didn't even know it!.....Sarah was a magical woman. She and i would trade sound sessions via the telephone.....or the cards or other forms of divination. The last time i saw her, she and Molly came to North Hampton for a performance i was giving. I know she wasn't feeling well then, but, she came, those eyes, that mandalla , all in place and she loved me and i her. She was a dear friend to many, especially Jonathan....i know this is a great loss. I think of Kay Gardner, also a friend of Sarah's and i hope in a kindergarten way today that energies of the rainbow bridge are easily revealed. In meditation today she loved me.....i am grateful to have been loved and to have loved.

Blessings on the way,

Vickie Dodd


From Miriam O'Mahony, Advisory Board Member, SHN
Friend and Colleague of Sarah's

Thank you for letting me know....I will make prayers for you and her family.

My meditation today is # 2 of the 21 Lamrim meditations which is a meditation on Death.

It can happen at any time, always be ready, and use this precious human life for Spiritual work.

I am sure Sarah was ready, very conscious, and blessed during her passing.

I will pray for her.

Perhaps you remember, the mantra we sing at this time is "OM MANI PADME HUM"

This is Avalokiteshvara's mantra The Great Buddha of Compassion, to assist her on her journey.

Much love to all


From Lydia Riedell :

Dear Sound Healing Family

I am sorry to hear about Sarah's passing. I feel moved to share an experience I had with Sarah when I attended the First Sound Healing Conference. Sarah lead an evening event in the chapel of the lovely church that hosted this conference. Here we all were in Sarah's presence of light and love, just basking in her presence and grace in this beautiful and sacred space; Sarah asked us to stand up, enfold our arms around ourselves and begin singing a lullabye to ourselves. She reminded us how often we forget about comforting ourselves and how important it is to be our own mother sometimes. As we all stood, swaying, holding ourselves, and singing our own personal lullabye, I was filled with compassion for myself. Tears filled my eyes and overflowed down my cheeks, as I was so moved by this beautiful act of self-love. Then, this compassion I was feeling for myself just began to overflow and circulate among the other participants. I looked to the woman next to me and we smiled at each other with this deep knowing. She said that I looked like an angel and she felt I was familiar to her. I felt a certain kinship with her as well. All of this love, compassion and kinship brought up by a simple act of singing a lullabye to myself...what a gift. I will always hold this experience as a beautiful gift from Sarah, and want to acknowledge my appreciation to her for providing this to me and others. What a beautiful person and teacher. Sarah, you are loved!

With blessings and light, Lydia Riedell

From Kathleen Nagy:

We have all lost a good friend and inspiring spiritual presence with her crossing. I'm sure there is a great celebration going on within the light welcoming her home, but we will all miss her in this physical plane.
Kathleen Nagy

From Barbara McKell:

Hearing of Saruah's passing brought back the sweet memories of a poem she
wrote back in the summer of 2004. I was attending Jonathan Goldman's Sound
Healing Intensive. During the day of toning I had a rather profound
experience, which I thought everyone was aware of because their sounds were
creating it as they sounded the names of the Divine. Through the sounding I
had an embodiment experience where Mother Mary's consciousness and mine
became one. Through her eyes I saw all the faces of the Magdelenes
throughout time going back to Isis, who she had me understand was the first
embodiment of the Mother God. She showed me all the great Priestesses of the
lineage that came through her to empower Mary Magdalene, so that she could
hold the energy to awaken the full Christed consciousness in her son Jeshua.
She allowed me to feel her sorrow for all that has come to pass and through
me she lay it down and let it go. I saw a great tetrahedron full of rainbow
light come through the sound and move into the ground below us and as it did
she spoke the words "The Divine Feminine has returned to Earth". As the day
came to an end I was rather dismayed that even the most sensitive of those
who had contributed to this monumental event seemed to be unaware of it. I
was still vibrating from the experience and have never been the same since.

The next day I felt quite mad and tried to express what I had experienced to
the group. This only made matters worse for me. So I decide to remain silent
until Saruah read a poem she had written during that day.

When I heard the words I began to accept my experience and release the
feelings of madness. After wards I thanked Saruah for her words and with
tears in my eyes I told her of my experience and that the hardest part was
that everyone who had contributed to it seemed to be oblivious. She took my
hands and looked me in the eyes and said, "Oh Barbara, I know, I know
because I saw her. She was dancing and simmering in all that rainbow light,
I saw her." I gave her a big hug of gratitude and she returned the most
healing of hugs to me. It was a very special moment as I stood there
embracing this tiny woman with so much power. I think she understood the
gift she had given me that day.

Here is the poem Saruah Benson wrote in July 2004. Each time I read it, I
hear her sweet voice as if she were reading it to us for the first time.


Blesssings to all,


In the Sound she came to me
An Ancient One, Great Mystery
Carried on a Tapestry,
She danced for me and All to see.
Ancient Mother, we hear your music.
Ancient Mother, we see your eyes
Shining Jewels, like stars above
Laughing through our tears of love.
Gifting us your Golden Presence,
Singing Songs from a distant shore,
Lifting us to our Light filled Essence,
You live in our hearts forever more.
You live in our hearts forever more.

Saruah Benson - 2004

From R Brown

This comes from Homeplay emails from Jean Houston's Mystery School and seems appropriate.

MONDAY, APRIL 2 (Full Moon Tonight. For Jews, Passover begins at sundown; it is an eight-day ritual celebration of freedom.)

Thought for the Day:
From The Divine Comedy
By Dante, translated by Stephen Mitchell

The love of God, unutterable and perfect,
flows into a pure soul the way that light
rushes into a transparent object.

The more love that it finds, the more it gives itself,
so that, as we grow clear and open,
the more complete the joy of loving is.

And the more souls who resonate together,
the greater the intensity of their love,
for, mirror-like, each soul reflects the others.

To Consider: The Full Moon meditation as received and shared by Emily Devine:
Arms reaching out - women's arms reaching out to other women and men, and other groups of women and men, and to all living beings. This network of arms becomes a kind of Indra's Net, and at each clasping of hands, each knot in the net, there is a drop of water, a liquid crystal refracting all the colors, a fluid image of a face reflecting light out to all the other faces. (Indra's Net is described in a Buddhist teaching as a net that extends to infinity, and containing a jewel at each crossing of thread. When we look into any one such jewel, we see all the others reflected on and on infinitely. Each is thus a hologram of Reality.) As Dante says, "mirror-like, each soul reflects the others."

I honored and loved Saruah's presence. Ma Anand Gitama (bliss song)

Saruah was, and is, such a magnificent being. So beautiful, so full of love. Blessings to you in Light and Sound,

I received the announcement of Sarauah's passing..... As I began to read the first few sentences, waves of Light poured over me from Saruah. I had one session with her at a Jonathan Goldman sound healing conference in Loveland, Colorado about three years ago. She touched me deeply and continues to. I immediately sang to her with my crystal bowl. We are all blessed with her presence.

With a full heart,

Connie Gregoire

it is true..she is free...(and I feel her smiling with love from beyond...)
Heather Hood


We've never met Saruah Benson during this present journey, but we're certainly experiencing part of her existence through people like you.

Seeing her sorrounded by precious sounds and light,
One Love,
pati e andy

Please know I am thinking of you in the passing of your friend, teacher and inspiration,Saruah.

Sunny Davidson

From Luz Elena Morey


There is a song I wrote and played once for Saruah during a private
session. I told Saruah that I envisioned playing it with her. She had said
she would be happy to record with me - well, I finally sent it to her
daughter's house - it should be arriving at Kristin's as we speak, right now
- I sent it next day service. The song is called Ecstasy, and it is


What shall I do with this ecstasy

in what milk and honey dissolve and be?

Wrapped in Thy splendor and Love for me

I disappear in Thee.

What shall I sing from this ecstasy?

A million sounds dancing free

Sparkling galaxies, now I¹m high.

Beyond sound I fly.

Ah Š

Wonderful memories of Saruah - yes
She played at my wedding and it was sublime. She co-led theatre
workshops for me and taught me to use sound always in theatre for healing
purposes... She taught me by example, not a lot of talk - and she always
encouraged me to sing and sound - it was not about her, it was a channeling
of the Divine... Deep gratitude....
At her last concert I went to, in Charlemont in the autumn of 2006, at
the end of the concert, as usual, Saruah was inviting people to sit in the
angel chair and receive sound healings. My friend, Carrie, sitting beside
me leaned over and said "Sarah should sit in that chair." I immediately
spoke up and invited Saruah to sit in the chair. She graciously did and
then all the sound healers in the audience, who were all her loyal devotees,
of course, were invited by Rich and Orion and Saruah to participate. We all
came out of our audience chairs and arranged ourselves, facing her, and
opened into a divine flourish of loving sound vibrations reflecting our
reverent perceptions of Saruah and our attunements to the Source. It was
magnificent and Saruah received it with nobility, tenderness and deep


From joy zhel:

I will never forget Sarah and the first sound healing intensive with you where we met...she opened her heart to me and so many...we were in touch until just recently...even when she was having challenges in her life she was still working to help others...she has given me so much encouragement, help and support with the sound work i have been led to do...I know how much love there was between you and her and so many many souls.... I can only image just how much she will be missed in the physical...but now she is closer than she has ever been to us as she will be singing her lullabies of love thru us....


My deepest sympathy to Saruah's family. I met her only recently in Rowe, Mass. and she was so enchanting and such an inspiration to me. Being in her prescence was an honor.

Stephanie Wisbeski





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