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Our mentor, colleague, elder of sound healing, one of our dearest friends, and allies, Sarah Saruah Benson has passed on, Monday Evening, April 2, 2007

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My dear Friends of Sound:

We honor Saruah's lifelong pursuit of the joys & riches, as a healer, teacher, conscious, conscientious musician & practitioner of a mindful life. Saurah has been a widely known, internationally respected, and dearly loved leader in the field of sound healing for over 30 years.

Saruah has been described in recent weeks and days as frail in body but tremendously present, full, alive, and joyful in spirit.
One of her dear friends wrote:
"She passed this evening, April 2, at 9:14 PM EST, easily, this full moon, this passover, without difficulty."
You may know of the Ancient 6 Moons prophecy, of which this is the Moon of Surrendering to Our Divinity.
Saruah could not have chosen a more rich moment to journey Home.

Let us see her as she is, free to soar in Spirit. See her moving, more fully into, embracing, the Light.

Saruah has always carried so much Light for all of us whom have known and worked with her. Please send your prayers of love and gratitude that she may continue her journey in peace, in joy, in wisdom, which she so fully embraced in her life and practice.
And, to her family and family in spirit, send your prayers, that they may know her journey continues, and not suffer from the loss of such a loved and cherished wife, sister, mother.

We at the Sound Healing Network (Formerly NESHRI) give our heart felt thanks to your, Saruah for all you gave to our community of Sound Healers. Words cannot express our gratitude at the richness of your teaching, as much from your Presence as a human being, as from your skill and wisdom as a teacher and practitioner.

We send our Love, Saruah, to follow you, to join you, on your journey Home.
Many, many rich blessings.

Your Sound Healing Family

If you have stories, images, or a few simple words to share about your experiences with Sarah, please send them to us, we will create a special memorial page to Sarah at the Sound Healing Network.
We will also announce any public memorial service created for her.
Please forward this to others you know interested in her life.

Zacciah Blackburn
For, The Sound Healing Network (SHN)
(formerly the New England Sound Healing Research Institute, NESHRI)
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You may add your own by contacting us at the above address.

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