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The Evolution of the
Lambdoma Keyboard
by Barbara Hero 
Lambdoma Keyboard

The evolution of the Lambdoma Keyboard began in the 1970's when my hand reached out and grabbed a book called "Tone, A Study in Musical Acoustics."  From that day onward the wisdom reflected in the Lambdoma concept has been my "Ah Ha" experience, my mission.  As an abstract artist, even my art was inspired to create a link between art and music. The matrix was a 16 by 16 grid of whole numbered ratios.  Underneath each single ratio of the rows on the grid was a musical note representing a sequence of harmonics from A, B, C, D, E, F, G and A. Each row was divided by it's
first row of 1:1 (Keynote), 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 . . .16:1 to it's last row of 1:16, 2:16, 3:16 ...16:16.  The rows 2, 4, 8 and 16 were all A's in differing octaves except for the diagonal of 1:1, 2:2, 3:3 ... 16:16, that was the keynote A that separated the sub harmonic from the harmonic sequence. The sub harmonic sequence represents the descending scale on a physical level, while the harmonic sequence represents the ascending scale on a spiritual or etheric level, a duality that mirrors our planetary duality that we strive to balance.  A definition of an octave is a multiplication or a division by 2 so that the note is the same but the pitch is either doubled or halved. It is the mathematics of the octave that allows one to calculate the infinitely large or the infinitely small of any measurable quantity. The fundamental keynote must always be entered as a frequency in cycles per second or Hertz.  A reference octave that is audible is one way of establishing a unit measurement of frequencies combined with ratios and intervals. The frequencies are measured by one octave in the middle C area of music, mainly because 2 doubled seven times is 256 that is close to our Western C at 261. Each row is divided by its sub harmonic column 1:2, 1:3 . . . 1:16 and multiplied by the ratios in its harmonic row.  In essence the Lambdoma matrix is an anagram.
            The Lambdoma matrix is an ancient metaphysical method of generating pure harmonic and sub harmonic sounds. Sounds that Pythagoras used to turn anger to passivity with his lute.  The Pythagorean Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard generates whatever keynote is chosen to energize an entire matrix field of four quadrants that represents the vibrations of emotional, spiritual, physical and oracle qualities of a human being. An individual chooses his or her own favorite keynote. That keynote sets up a resonant frequency in all the cells, organs, glands and bones of our bodies that inspires balance; often causing relief of pain.  It also sets up a resonance in our astral, spiritual or subtle bodies so that our emotions, spirits and mental aspects are uplifted.
            These harmonic and sub harmonic vibrations effect humans positively, and also enable us to discover musical correspondences to any physical material manifestation such as planets. With the sun's rotation around its galaxy as a generating Keynote at 333 cycles per second (in a reference octave), the planet's ratios are found to fit into the orbits of the planets frequencies in days or years.  The numbers of each nutritive element from the periodic table may be multiplied by 2 to fit into our reference octave and be played as an audible frequency, thus supplementing the needs of our bodies through the vibrations of sound. If all of nature can be related to the gradations of vibrations of musical sounds and colors, there could be a unified field theory of time and space. Sound is measured in time by frequency, and light is measured in space as wavelength.
            Time and space seem to no longer exist when a person plays his or her chord on the Lambdoma Keyboard.  There is only the present moment that exists.  Players are able to access their own emotional, physical spiritual and oracle existence.  After a player has cleared these bodies the inner "oracle" can be asked any question and receive the answer.  Therefore prophecy is available for anyone who can choose a keynote, play a chord and say a word.
            The ramifications of this ancient wisdom brought into the 21st century are "peace," "compassion," "oneness," with all animate and inanimate entities.  We are creating a new and perfect world simply by allowing the vibrations of our own pure sounds to awaken our true consciousness on all levels.
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