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We are an international collective organization, a community of folks, like you, interested in furthering the understanding and use of sound therapies of all modalities.

SHN is a volunteer organization.

We are not paid for the vast majority of the work we do for you, the members of the sound community.
We do this work in service to help advance ALL people's work in the field of sound healing.
We ask that you PLEASE help us by assisting in gettting the word out on our upcoming conference.

What you can do:

  • Become a member.

  • Join us at the conference!

  • Have a link to our home page or the conference page, with our banner on your site.

  • Send a notice to your e-lists to invite others to come. Copy and paste text from above, our newsletters, or ask us for a copy to send out.

  • Download our flier to hand in your office or other local areas.

    • Flier with Black Background. Click here

    • Flier with White background (easier to print) Click Here 

  • Ask us to mail you multiple copies of the fliers to distribute to clients or hang in local areas. (tell us how many)

  • We will link you to our sponsors page if you would like, for helping us! Visit our sponsors! 

  • Join in our efforts at an organizational & administrative level to further this work. We currently need people with organizational and web development skills to help further.

We greatly appreciate your efforts to assist, and look forward to seeing you May 1-3, 2009 at the Omega Institute!

Zacciah Blackburn
Director of Education
Sound Healing Network

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