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NESHRI 4/04 Conference Forum Minutes
by Michelle Herrera

NESHRI 4/04 Conference - Forum Minutes
By Michelle Herrera

NESHRI First Annual Sound Healing Conference (4/16-4/19/04)

Notes from the Forum, Springfield, VT

Michelle Herrera Foster, 5/2/04


1) Website/Networking Activities:

* Email distribution
* Events: workshops, performances
* Research News
* Articles: Techniques, case studies, reviews
* Links
* Practitioner directory
* Sound healing conferences


Summary of discussion:

- Peggy Black led the intent to raise $2000 membership dues for the website at this conference; we will be networking with Peggy Black with her work with for ideas to assist NESHRI

- Kevin Michael asked for 10 volunteers to host his workshops/concerts to do fundraising for NESHRI

- Ben Sheppard will be upgrading the website for membership directories and web pages, using the membership funds. A Discussion Forum is available, and a topic for research opportunities and other topics will be added, as needed. A Yahoo group will be started for Sound Healers that will be linked to the NESHRI site.

- Members will be given a higher level of access to the website (TBD).

- We need volunteer(s) to manage the memberships and train members how to submit their information.

- We should provide a list of local center contacts.

- We also need to consolidate email distribution lists on the website; sharing of email lists requires permission - TBD for conference participant email list.


2) Educational Activities:

* Workshops
* Faculty directory
* Apprenticeships
* Certification program (TBD)
* Grants, scholarships


Summary of discussion:

- The website has high visibility; high hits on search engines

- Zacciah Blackburn pointed out that a Sound Healer certification program requires much more consideration with respect to licensing, defined scope for sound healing, value in certification, legal/liability issues

- Barbara Hero indicated that non-profit organizations with a sufficient membership could receive liability protection

- The Psychotherapy Association assists healers with emotional healing practice

- Registration of sound healers in VT is fairly easy. Associated physotherapists in Vermont are both licensed and non-licensed, per Zacciah.

- "If you don't have a license no one can take it away"


3) Research Activities

* Case studies
* Sound Lab Studies
* Pilot Scale Clinical Research
* Formal Clinical Research
* Collaborations with clinical centers


Summary of discussion:

- We want to find centers in Complementary Medicine who will welcome and assist sound healing research; we need contacts and champions to open the doors and introduce us to grant opportunities. Michelle Foster, Ph.D. will coordinate research activities and serve as a consultant on grants.

- Some hospitals are very interested in spiritual counseling

- Kevin Michael suggested continuing medical education (CME) programs

- Miriam suggested ACAM - Advancement of Medicine

- Saruah Benson suggested networking with music therapy organizations - we should contact Berklee and Lesley University

- Zacciah Blackburn has links with the International Music Therapy association

- Richard King of New London, NH suggested hospital/college contacts for grants, and looking into the U. of Arizona (Phoenix) program

- Peggy Black suggested the Study of Integrated Medicine in San Jose, dedicated to alternative modalities.

- We should check with nursing schools and medical schools.

- Michelle Herrera will connect with Dr. Mitch Gaynor in NYC; he has published a book on sound healing and is widely recognized for his work with cancer patients. We will also be networking with the Acutonics organization, Tom Kenyon's research center, Jonathan Goldman, and John Beaulieu.

- Barbara Hero will be collaborating with Michelle to further her research on the Lambdoma keyboard; she has a collaborator in Maine pursuing research with tuning forks.

- Michelle Herrera will be following up with an acupuncturist in RI who is welcomed by her hospital to do sound healing programs (tuning forks, bowls, and other modalities could be introduced.)

- Marie knows of a good grant writer that might assist.

- The website will have a Research page to track our networking finds and ideas.


4) Local Community Centers

· Educational/research centers

· Networking centers

· Sound healing centers

· Local grants


Summary of discussion:

- Participants volunteered to be local contacts for NESHRI::

o North Shore/MA: Michael O'Leary

o Vermont: Zacciah Blackburn

o New York: Mary Alice Comtois

o Connecticut: Marie Menut

o Rhode Island: Christopher Carbone

o Western MA: Valerianna Claff

o Ontario: Wende Bartley

o Philadelphia/NJ: Valerianna/Jon

- Peggy Black will provide guidelines on soundpods that they have used in CA

- Ben Sheppard has prepared business card templates and a logo that can be used by NESHRI local centers.


5) Other Fundraising Discussions:

- We may make videos and CDs of NESHRI events for sale; ideas and project leaders are welcomed.

- Barbara Hero and Robert videotaped some of the conference workshops that we will discuss with the leaders.

- See topics above for other fundraising ideas: memberships, fundraising events.

- Michelle Herrera has prepared the non-profit application; we need to incorporate NESHRI before we apply. This may be done in VT by a lawyer who heads the International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers (IAHL).


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