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7 Simple Things You Can Do to Help the Sound Healing Network
by Michelle Herrera 


Supporting the Sound Healing Network supports your work as a sound healer.

Here are 7 Simple Things you can do to support SHN:

1) Spread the word about SHN events; send SHN News to your friends. Ask us for a copy of SHN membership information, if you do not have it, to e-mail to your friends, clients, and colleagues. Ask us for a copy of membership information to print and hand out in your office or events, or to include an email sign up list for SHN newsletters.

2) Get new members, including professional organizations and world-renowned sound healers

3) Share website links; ask other websites to put SHN on their Links and vice versa; this gives us greater hits on the search engines. We will consider organizations and sites we consider beneficial to our users. Individuals wanting us to link to their personal site should join and list in our directory.

4) Encourage writing of professionally done articles describing personal experiences with sound healing, case studies, research, and educational descriptions of sound healing techniques; nonmembers can also submit articles, and members can enhance their directory listing with a link to their article.

5) Network for research opportunities and grants, through contacts in hospitals, holistic centers, and spiritual communities. This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it to send us your contacts or information.

6) Volunteer to assist us in administrative tasks, in our spring and fall conferences, and other areas we will be announcing in our newsletters.

7) Get your listings up on line. The website is in large part for exposure of your work. And do link back to it from your sites.

Also, if you are a workshop provider or sound healing performer, consider advertising a discount to SHN members and/or contributing a percentage of your proceeds to SHN. SHN will advertise fundraising events in SHN News, and provide a page for listings of members whom offer member discounts to their events.

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