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Source Sound Soul Energetics
by Saruah Benson

A poem by our beloved Sarah, who is deeply missed. 

Source Sound Soul Energetics
by Saruah Benson


Source of unlimited radiant creative energy.

Sound of uplifting numinous delight.

Soul of unending love.

Energetics now evolving regenerative Godlight~ Earth together in Creation's Song.

Source of unlimted radiant creative energy, Open united rays, Christos evolving~ Urantia, RA, Children emerging.

Realization comes effortlessly, Creation enters Earth.

Surrender our unending new definitions~ Order under nebulous death. Understand ~ never die!

Natural demonstration ~ Dedication. Song of United Love, Omega Unlimited Light, Unity ~ Limitless Life.

Enter new evolving realization~ God Energy Theater in Creation's Soul.

Never ending regenerating Gift, Enter this individually.

Cherish serenity.

Ever renewing, remembering God, Earth, Together in calm surrender.

Revolution gathering energy~ Tenacious in creative sounding.

Gather Earth together in Celebratory Song.

Entering the inspiration, Children sing together in Celestial Simplicity~ in Creation's Soul ~ Creation's Song ~ SOURCE.


~~Saruah Benson 10-22-04

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