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July 2013

LATEST NEWS from the Sound Healing Network (SHN)

  • Sound and Music Alliance discontinued
  • Legislation limits sound therapy--check your state
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  • New Events, Sound Healing School, Instruments


Much has been happening on the frontiers of sound.
I have devoted a great deal of volunteer time to the Sound and Music Alliance for the last several years, in hopes of escalating the possibilities for support of professionals in the field of intentional sound and music.

Unfortunately, The Sound and Music Alliance was unable to find enough support, through donations, paid memberships, or volunteer efforts to make it a viable organization, and it's board of directors made the hard decision to discontinue its operation, in winter of this year. 

The Sound Healing Network (SHN) is remaining alive due to limited volunteer efforts, at a critical time in the field of sound healing, when current legislative action could limit the work of many sound professionals.

The question amidst this, is, how can we better serve you?
What would make an organization committed to the needs of those in the sound community more viable for you?

If you have a response to this question, please make it a live discussion, by going to our forum on Facebook, click to join, and comment and ask questions there!
At any time you can post questions, suggestions, responses, news, events, sound notices, etc.
It is a live interactional site.  And, its free.

  • Do you have internet and facebook based editing skills?
    Perhaps you'd like to help administer our FB page, or event notices and news here at SHN, gather and report the news in the field of sound, stimulate conversation, etc??....  If so,
    This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it !

It is a time in which communication in the Field of Sound is most important.

As, the legal possibility of working therapeutically with sound could become highly restricted by current efforts of the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) to enact legislation in states across the country, aimed at safeguarding its trademarked name and services.  Unfortunately, the language of some legislation may be interpreted to restrict other therapeutic uses of sound or music.  Efforts in WA, AZ, and NC, among other states, have already begun, with a national campaign under way.

It would behoove you to check your state's legislation agenda and be watchful of action that may be underway, or take place in future legislative sessions. 

For instance, the NC Senate Bill 244 “Establish Music Therapy Practice Act” was introduced this spring, and could severely limit or restrict the use of any sound or music based therapies not certified by the AMTA to take place in the state.

It would have been issues such as this that SAMA was striving to be of service in. 
We do not have the personnel here at SHN to respond as a collective voice, but if any of you wish to take this on as a service to the community, please, also, This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it .
Please take notice, insure the protection of your field of work.

 Place Your Ad Here!  SHN's Paid Members get ad placements here, may list in our member directory, and, list your events on line, as part of our member services.  All details here.

SHN Director of Education Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, is, also, Director of the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies


Offering tools of the sound trade, world musical instruments, and professional trainings:

His School of Sound Healing offers higher level professional trainings for those interested in becoming professional sound therapists, or to incorporate tools and techniques of qualified sound therapy into their current therapeutic practice.   Others have come to create a complete sound healing practice from his model, or to simply learn how to use sound in their daily lives, for wellness, relaxation, spiritual insight, and more.

Also see Zacciah's upcoming programs for spiritual development throughout US and CANADA,& Europe

See all listings here

 Zacciah also provides high quality tools of the trade, for sound healing and world music:


   Sunreed World Musical Instruments and Sound Healing ToolsSee our wide selection of Crystal and Tibetan Singing bowls, bells, rattles, Native American Drums and Flutes, Didgeridoos, Tuning Forks, and more.

Sounds of the Shaman, sacred sound, sacred earth retreat Some of the most comprehensive programs on Sacred Sound, the intuitive
use of voice and instruments, the therapeutic application of sound as a
healing modality, and the shamanic view of peering through the veils to
determine what is needed in our own healing pathway, or in working with
others, and how to retrieve, attune to, or activate that.

Includes indoor time in therapeutic application of sound, and in some
trainings, outdoor time in sacred ceremony, fire ceremony, entering
Living Relationship with the energies and spirits of the Earth, of
place, and of Sacred do we use sound to activate sacred
relations in sacred sites, with the living energies of the Earth, and
unseen wisdom keepers of place?
Join us this July 17-21 in Leyden MA.

See our entire new year of PROFESSIONAL SOUND HEALERS TRAININGS starting in September; quality, in
depth programs from 6 days to 3 years in cognitive and experiential
learning, the Therapeutic Application of Sound as a Healing Modality, to
awaken or deepen your skills as a sound therapist:

Return To Beauty, Hatun Karpay Initiations Karpay:  The Great Initiations of the Qero Indians of Central Peru,  in Vermont:
August 11-16, 2013
And our August outdoor training incorporating the HATUN KARPAY INITIATIONS
of Q'ero Mysteries (Peruvian/Inkan high wisdom keepers) ~~
Return to Beauty, the place of activating our Seed of Potential, in
relationship to the Living Energies of the Cosmos.


The New Earth Programs in Spiritual Evolution




See all Upcoming Practices

And, see Zacciah's current newsletter  highlighting:





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